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Vision Quest

An eight-day retreat led by Luke
Sept. 16-23, 2017
Snohomish, Washington


A devotional practice of surrender for cultivating insight,
including a four day/night solo fast from all things familiar in the solitude of nature,
with two days of teachings before and after the quest.


All CSS members are invited to apply to attend this retreat. Note that this retreat does not satisfy the prerequisite for attending advanced CSS retreats. 

Total cost: $720, which includes four days of meals and lodging (two days before the quest and two days after). Teachings are presented as a labor of love; fees are for land use, food, and lodging.



Interested persons should contact Luke to apply and obtain registration details. There is a screening application that is necessary to ensure that all potential participants are safe to quest.  Once screening has been completed successfully, registration payment will then be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To hold your reservation, mail in your registration forms with your non-refundable $50 deposit.

Final registration deadline: September 9, 2017, is the deadline for registration and also the date by which all fees must be received in full so that we have sufficient time to plan the meals, and purchase the appropriate amount of food.

Early-bird discount: If registering for the entire retreat, the total cost is discounted by $20 to $700 provided registration and full payment is received by the early-bird registration date of August 16, 2017.

Refund policy: The $50 deposit is non-refundable. Refunds of fees, less the deposit, will be given if requested by seven days prior to the start of the quest. Thereafter, no refunds will be automatically given, because after this date food will be ordered and CSS will start incurring expenses on your behalf. If you withdraw from the retreat and are too late to receive an automatic refund, a refund of a portion of retreat fees may be given at the sole discretion of the CSS Board, provided a written request for refund is received within two months of the end of the retreat. 

Registered retreatants will be given details on how to get to the quest location, rules of the land we will be using, what to bring, what not to bring, and how to prepare for the quest.

To apply or obtain further information, contact Luke Weiss at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 541-331-2860. 

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