Following is information about the 2019-2020 practitioners groups. See Foundation Studies class for a description of that group.

For meeting dates, times, and locations, please see the CSS calendar. Practitioners may sign up for multiple groups. These are not drop-in groups. If you are going to take a leave of absence from a group, please let the teacher know in advance.

Todd's Group

Location: CSS
Days and Times: Wednesdays from 3 pm - 4:30 pm

Matt's Group

Location: CSS
Days and Times: Wednesdays at 7 pm to about 8:45 pm

This year we will study two texts, The Intelligent Heart, by Dzigar Kongtrul, and The Silence of the Mind, by Ilie Ciaora.

The first text comes from the Tibetan Buddhist Lojong, or mind-training tradition, which includes but isn't limited to the practice of Tonglen, or sending and taking. The writer is a very respected and humble Tibetan lama and the text is well edited for clarity and profundity. This study will focus us on the development of compassion and Bodhicitta, or the mind-set of enlightenment.

The second text is a beautiful translation of a contemporary book written by an Eastern European gnostic which gives poetic descriptions of absolute reality, awakening, full enlightenment, and simple practices for us to employ to cultivate this spiritual nature that is our birthright. This study will focus us on the direct apprehension of the sacred in the midst of our ordinary life.

As usual, the focus of our group meetings will be upon the individual spiritual journeys of our sangha members. Study of the texts provides a jumping off point to help us in our own personal cultivation. Our shared time in honest diligence and perseverance to embody the Truth of Love in our lives forms the essence of the purpose for our meeting.

I look forward to seeing you in the Autumn!


Hiromi's Group

Location: CSS
Days and Times: Tuesdays at 4 pm to 5:30 pm


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