Abhishiktananda: An Interior Journey Abhishiktananda  
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Description Abhishiktananda was an extraordinary truth seeker. Arriving in India in the late 1940s, Dom Henri Le Saux, OSB (his Christian monastic name), attempted to grasp the significance of Advaita Vedanta (nonduality) in the context of his own Christian beliefs. In India, Abhishiktananda lived the ascetic life of a simple mendicant and cave dweller, observing periods of silence, much the same way the Desert Fathers did. Rather than theorize about the truth of his spiritual path, he chose to experience it. And experience it he did, in abundance.
Abhishiktananda initially met the great sage Ramana Maharshi, then later spent many months in caves upon the sacred Arunachala Mountain, in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. This remarkable video on the life of Abhishiktananda follows his path throughout India: from the beginnings of Shantivanam, the hermitage he founded in South India, to his wanderings in the Himalayan foothills.
The rich details of his inner life and experiences are beautifully narrated through his own words. This is a journey that is deep and meditative—a journey well worth taking.
"Abhishiktananda asks very important questions in the utter intimacy of pure mystical intuitive awareness, where transcendence is swallowed up into pure immanence." 
—Br. Wayne Teasdale, author of A Monk in the World: Cultivating a Spiritual Life
"This truly extraordinary video chronicles Abhishiktananda's life in India as a monk and sannyasi. It is a beautiful example of one who earnestly sought, and found, the deepest truth of Christ's teachings through the profound and timeless principles of Advaita Vedanta." 
—G. Madhavan, IDJ Review
"We follow Abhishiktananda's long pilgrimage, which is also that of Everyman, towards integration and simplicity." 
—James Stuart
" . . . the realization of this 'all-pervading' presence of God in my being, as in everything . . . Satori, the illumination, is the real baptism. This new view of oneself and of the world is not an intellectual knowledge, but an abyssal, cataclysmal transfiguration of one's being." 

dvd-0356 [yvs] [Feb96] [Christian - Catholic / Hinduism / Interfaith & Comparative Religion

Abide as the Self: The Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi Ramana Maharshi  
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62 min.

Description Abide As the Self is a transforming video that takes you on an inner journey into the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and the path of Self-knowledge. Comprehensive film footage of Ramana comes alive, with emphasis on the teachings of Self-Inquiry and its practical application. A special collection of rare photographs enhances Ramana's presence and captures the compassion and grace of one of the most respected sages of our time.
The inspired narration by Ram Dass provides an overview of Ramana's teachings. Also included are interviews with H.W.L. Poonja, Douglas Harding, Allan W. Anderson, and others.
In Abide As the Self, you will experience how the profound teachings of Ramana Maharshi can be easily applied in our daily life. This is a deeply inspiring video in which the sage Ramana speaks directly to your heart.

Reviews "Abide As the Self skillfully interweaves old and new still photographs, excerpts from Ramana's writings, interviews with longtime devotees, narration by Ram Dass, and, not least, rare and precious footage of Ramana from 1935 to 1949. Highly recommended." 
—Yoga Journal
"The presence of the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi, his clear approach to Self-Realization, and the teachings of Self-Inquiry are beautifully presented. Interviews and exceptional film footage of Ramana Maharshi make this video an inspiring and transforming experience." 
—New Renaissance Bookshop
"The video concludes with the encouraging words of Ram Dass, who tells us that Maharshi's message is not Indian but universal: the peace that illuminates the heart and mind is always present. Anyone curious about this aspect of Eastern spirituality will find this informative and interesting video worthwhile and surprisingly accessible to general viewers. Recommended." 
—Video Librarian

Excerpt "Bhagavan was always silent, that is everyone's true nature . . . In this quietness the mind will automatically return to its source and there will be a tremendous fountain of peace. All doubts are cleared and one remains quiet, in the heart." 
—H.W.L. Poonja
dvd-0261 [yvs] [Feb02/May98] [Hinduism]

Abide in Silence: The Siddha Yoga Message for 2002 Gurumayi Chidvilasananda  
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The Siddha Yoga Message for 2002
January 1, 2002, Shree Muktananda Ashram, South Fallsburg, New York
a Talk by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
77 minutes

With this DVD recording of the message for 2002, it is possible to study Gurumayi's inspiring talk on the mystical practice "Abide in Silence" on your own.

Gurumayi said: "To abide in silence is to abide in your true nature. Give yourself this gift."

dvd-0603 [nvs] [Hinduism]

Addiction, Recovery, and Spiritual Awakening Paul Hedderman, Chris Hebard  
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Paul Hedderman interviewed by Chris Hebard
92 min.
dvd-0804 [yvs-51:38] [Unaffiliated & Eclectic Teachings / Recovery]

Addiction is an extreme form of lack, a spiritual hunger to complete ourselves through the acquisition of objects, whether by alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, money, career, relationships, food, or even, enlightenment. This DVD explores addiction, sheds light on the path of recovery and dramatically points to the Reality frequently called Spiritual Awakening. Heartfelt and brimming with humor, Paul Hedderman and Chris Hebard intimately discuss the nature of addiction and its non-dual solution. To some, addiction is a matter of life and death; this DVD is not offered as a substitute for proven recovery methods. It is humbly offered to introduce the possibility of greater fulfillment and freedom.

Advice for a Dying Practitioner Sogyal Rinpoche, Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche  
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with Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche & Sogyal Rinpoche

Kyabeje Trulshik Rinpoche and Sogyal Rinpoche gave the advice compiled on this CD directly to Ian Maxwell to help them in the most beneficial way possible through the transitions that take place at the time of death. There in valuable instructions, as well as the love and care they so generously expressed can also benefit any of us as the moment of our own death draws near.

Sogyal Rinpoche also explains how we––whether our practice focuses on meditation, bodhichitta, the ngondro, Vajrayana or Dzogchen––can direct our practice to help a relative a friend or stranger at the time of their greatest need.

“Relax your mind and let go of the appearances of this world, because they're all illusory anyway.

Let your minds unite with the wisdom mind of all the Buddhas, bodhisattvas and Masters. Rest in the state of ease and comfort that is the nature of mind.”––Sogyal Rinpoche

dvd-0627 [nvs] [Buddhism - Tibetan / Death & Dying]

Adyashanti: An Interview by Bob Cowart Bob Cowart, Adyashanti  
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90 min.

Adyashanti speaks candidly about his own process of awakening, how he became a spiritual teacher, what enlightenment is, the various pitfalls of spiritual practice, and more.

This interview is also available on YouTube:

Bob conducted this 1-hour-and-45-minute interview in Adyashanti's house in Northern California in 2002.

dvd-0154 [yvs] [Jun08] [Unaffiliated & Eclectic Teachings]

AH HO YE: Pointing Out the Nature of Mind Terton Kunzang Dechen Lingpa  
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with Terton Kunzang Dechen Lingpa
90 min.

In explaining the nature of mind to an audience made up primarily of college students, Rinpoche in a professorial manner very clearly sets forth an outline for the process, going over each point in order and answering questions from the students at the end.
All teaching CDs are "chaptered" to allow you to skip ahead in order to listen to only the English translation.

dvd-0344 [nvs] [Buddhism - Tibetan / Meditation]

Al-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness Ovidio Salazar, Al Ghazali  
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a film by Ovidio Salazar
featuring the teachings of Al-Ghazali
80 min.

Born in 1058 in Tus, Khorasan, in present-day Iran, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali was one of the most original thinkers the world has known. Besides being a major influence in the Muslim world, the West has also felt his effect. He influenced major figures of medieval philosophy such as Thomas Aquinas and Moses Maimonides, who shaped the philosophy of the Latin West. As the author of some 250 books on topics ranging from theology and ethics to metaphysics and philosophy, al-Ghazali came to be known as ‘Proof of Islam’. For almost a thousand years he has served as an inspiration for spiritual seekers everywhere as he was someone, like the Buddha, willing to give up everything: wealth, position, family and comfort in order to search for Truth.

This film sets out to discover who al-Ghazali was and whether we, living in the 21st century, can still find relevance in his teaching.

"The film is a remarkable achievement, capturing not only the drama of Ghazali’s life and the texture of the world in which he lived, but also skillfully distilling the significance of major themes in his writings. This is no small feat: the art of dramatizing ideas. I cannot wait to show it in my courses on Medieval Muslim Thought." — FAROUK MITHA University of Victoria, Canada

dvd-0112 [nvs] [Islam & Sufism - Documentary / Biography]

American Made Sharat Raju  
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a film by Sharat Raju
starring Sakina Jaffrey, Bernard White, Kal Penn, Te-Amir Sweeney, and Haskell Anderson
25 min.
The road less traveled made all the difference.
An Indian-American family confronts issues of tradition, faith, conformity and sacrifice when a son tells his turban-clad orthodox father of looking like a terrorist while stranded on a remote desert road. The film is about the conflict between a father and a son, of assimilation versus identity, faith versus compromise. All shot on the side of the road in the American desert, beneath a steadily setting sun.
The Singh family is in the middle of nowhere, stranded, with their car broken down on their way to the Grand Canyon, the expanse and solitude of the Southwestern desert surrounding them. A Sikh family – Anant and Nageena from India and their two American-born sons, Jagdesh and Ranjit know that their only hope is the remote highway and the occasional car that drives by.
Anant the father, clad in his traditional turban, sticks out his thumb in the classic hitchhiker fashion as a car approaches, hoping someone will stop and help. The car speeds on past them, down the remote desert highway. Undaunted, the family patriarch is confident that the next one will pull over and give them a hand.
Ranjit, the teenaged son, isn’t so sure: "Dad, no one will stop for you because you look like a terrorist."
Anant pauses: "Is that how you think?"
Ranjit: "That’s how they think." And so begins American Made.
dvd-0600 [nvs] [Feature Film / Sikh]

Amongst White Clouds Edward A. Burger  
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a film by Edward A. Burger
86 min.

An unforgettable journey into the hidden tradition of China's Buddhist hermit monks Amongst White Clouds is an intimate insider's look at students and masters living in scattered retreats dotting China's Zhongnan Mountain range. These peaks have reputedly been home to recluses since the time of the Yellow Emperor, some five thousand years ago. It was widely thought that the tradition was all but wiped out, but this film emphatically and beautifully shows us otherwise. One of only a few foreigners to have lived and studied with these elusive practitioners, American director Edward Burger is able, with humor and compassion, to present their tradition, their wisdom, and the hardship and joy of their everyday lives among the clouds. Filmed on location in China Written and Directed by Edward Burger Produced by Chad Pankewitz A Cosmos Pictures Production Official Selection: Mill Valley Film Festival, Taos Mountain Film Festival, Denver Starz Film Festival, True/False Film Festival, Maui Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Tahoe/Reno Film Festival, Mt. Shasta International Film Festival

dvd-0158 [yvs] [Buddhism - Documentary / Monastic Life]

An Ancient Dream: The Origins of the Western World Peter Kingsley  
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featuring Peter Kingsley
Berkeley, California. 27 June 2003
60 min.

This unique and moving talk was the keynote address to a large audience of therapists at an international conference on dreams. Peter presents a passionate challenge to the very basis of modern dream interpretation and shows that the whole world we live in is a dream: a dream that was deliberately created for us, thousands of years ago, with the sole purpose of bringing us all back to an awareness of reality.
By offering a rare glimpse into his own personal experiences and dreams, Peter vividly brings the past and the present back together. He explains how dreams lie at the deepest roots of this western civilization which now is coming to the end of its lifespan. It was through dreams and visions in the darkness of caves and temples that certain people known as healer-prophets originally brought healing and laws, as well as the seeds of our whole civilization, into existence. Now, only by returning to the roots of our own culture can we hear once more the song of eternity and bring real meaning back into everyday life.

dvd-0078 [nvs] [Philosophy]

Andrei Rublev Lyudmila Feiginova, Olga Shevkunenko, Tatyana Yegorycheva, Andrey Tarkovskiy  
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a film by Andrei Tarkovsky
starring Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Ivan Lapikov, Nikolay Grinko, Nikolai Sergeyev, Irma Raush
The Criterion Collection, 1966
205 min. Black & White
Russian with English subtitles
dvd-0793 [nvs] [Feature Film / Christian - Orthodox]

Immediately suppressed by the Soviets in 1966, Andrei Tarkovsky's epic masterpiece is a sweeping medieval tale of Russia's greatest icon painter. Too experimental, too frightening, too violent, and too politically complicated to be released officially, Andrei Rublev has existed only in shortened, censored versions until the Criterion Collection created this complete 205-minute director's cut special edition, now available for the first time on DVD.
At last, the complete version of Andrei Tarkovski's 1966 masterpiece about the great 15th century Russian icon painter (a film suppressed by the Soviet Union and unseen until 1971) is available. It's a complex and demanding narrative about the responsibility of the artist to participate in history rather than documenting it from a safe distance. A landmark in Russian cinema, Andrei Rublev is a beautifully lyrical black-and-white film about harmony and soulful expression. As the late filmmaker says in a supplementary interview, each generation must experience life for itself; it cannot simply absorb what has preceded it. In fact, a whole host of supplements accompanies the film in this Criterion Collection release. Stick with it; it's worth the effort. —Bill Desowitz

Andrew Harvey: Sacred Activism Kathy Close, Andrew Harvey  
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ANDREW HARVEY: SACRED SCTIVISM a film by Kathy Close, 59 min.

Andrew Harvey, Oxford scholar and visionary, believes that our survival depends on Sacred Activism, a fusion of profound mystical awareness, passion, clarity and sacred practice with wise, dedicated, radical action.

Harvey counsels as he dances from theme to theme that the five ways to become a "mystical activist" are:

- to serve the divine, to make a space for God in your life
- to serve yourself, so that you will be grounded in reality
- to serve others
- to serve your local community
- to serve your global community.

dvd-0424 [yvs] [World Peace & Social Action / Unaffilated & Ecelectic Teachings]

Answering Life's Questions Ram Dass  
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a Michael Gleatin film
with Ram Dass
79 min.

Ram Dass, also know as Richard Alpert, has led the life of a seeker, traveler and social activist. He created the Prison Ashram Project and the Dying Project, which taught terminally ill individuals. Ram Dass co-created the Seva Foundation, which collaborates with doctors and activists in India, Nepal, Guatemala and the U.S. He has also worked with the Social Venture Network and with Creating Our Future, a spiritual organization for teenagers, among other causes.

A common theme in all of his endeavors has been the application of spiritual principles to social realities. Now, on a dvd entitled Ram Dass: Answering Life's Questions from a speech Ram Dass gave in 2003 in Maui, you can receive his guidance on life's most perplexing challenges.

dvd-0259 [nvs] [Unaffiliated & Eclectic Teachings]